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Written by Leigh Oates 
Wednesday, 21 November 2007
NCRN is building a complete picture of the cancer clinical research which is currently taking place across the UK.

Details of studies which meet specific eligibility criteria are recorded in a database, known as the the UKCRN Clinical Research Portfolio, which comprises the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Portfolio in England, and the corresponding portfolios of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The UKCRN Clinical Research Portfolio is a national data resource will is used to manage the allocation of NHS infrastructure funding and will support the performance management of UKCRN’s Clinical Research Networks.

Which studies are eligible for inclusion in the UKCRN Portfolio?
In England, studies must meet the eligibility criteria set by the Department of Health in order to be included in the Portfolio. The devolved administrations are also developing specific eligibility criteria for their respective portfolios.

Why and how do I submit accrual data for my study?
Accrual data are part of the key performance indicators and are routinely collected for studies being undertaken in the Topic Specifc and Primary Care Research Networks; collection of accrual data is now required for studies which are part of the NIHR Comprehensive Clinical Research Network.

Latest News
News and information relating to the UKCRN Portfolio is available here.

What are the benefits of studies being in the UKCRN Portfolio?
Studies that are included in the UKCRN Portfolio will have access to infrastructure support and to NHS service support costs.

How do I get my study in the UKCRN Portfolio?
The UKCRN Coordinating Centre is currently working with funding bodies, Chief Investigators, Clinical Trials Units and Study Coordinators to ensure that all relevant studies are included in the Portfolio. An Initial Project Registration Proforma needs to be completed in order for a study to be considered for inclusion on the Portfolio.

System User Guides
The Information Systems (IS) Team within the UKCRN Coordinating Centre has produced a series of users guides to assist individuals using the UKCRN Portfolio database. System User Guides and other useful documents are available to download here.

Contact the UKCRN Portfolio team and UKCRN Helpdesk
Send a query to the UKCRN Portfolio team, report a problem, request assistance