Welcome to the Old NCRN Website!

The NCRN was established in April 2001, and aims to provide the NHS with an infrastructure to support high quality cancer clinical studies and to improve the speed, quality and integration of research resulting in improved patient care.The NCRN has achieved and surpassed its target to double the number of cancer incident cases accrued into cancer clinical studies. It closed in 2020.

This success contributed to the decision by the Department of Health to establish the NIHR CRN CC, expanding the concept into other disease areas.


An extensive and dynamic NCRN Portfolio of high quality studies is maintained in liaison with the main cancer funders, the NCRI Clinical Studies Groups and other research groups and networks across the UK. 

Network-Wide Initiatives

The NCRN is well placed to explore and offer a collective response to broader generic issues that affect the cancer research community and more broadly within the context of the NIHR CRN.

  • The NCRN programme includes ongoing initiatives in the following areas:
  • Consumer Involvement
  • NCRI Clinical Studies (Development) Groups
  • Portfolio Development
  • Links with NCRI Accredited and other Clinical Trials Units
  • Information Systems and Technology to support NCRN activities
  • Systematic Reviews to address the gaps in the Evidence-Base
  • Workforce Development
  • Links with Industry

This website provides information about NCRN and includes resources and useful links for health professionals from the cancer research networks, the cancer and wider clinical research community, for healthcare professionals working across the NHS and other health organisations and for members of the public who wish to learn more about NCRN, our partner organisations and our activities.

The website is organised into several sections all accessible from the left-hand menu system and also some helpful links across the top of each web page.  Users can also use the free text search facility to locate specific areas of interest.

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